Frequently Asked Questions 

What is available from the Field Services division?

Risk management field consultants are located throughout North Carolina. These consultants are available to assist you in managing exposures to reduce claims, conduct safety inspections and assist with accident/injury investigations. To find your contact person, please see the service area map on the League website, or call our office at 800-228-0986 and ask for Bryan Leaird or Kristy Barefoot.

In addition, the Field Services division includes two member services representatives who can assist you with any questions you may have regarding the insurance pools, the League or general questions about local government, a human resources consultant to answer your questions in this highly specialized area, and a public safety risk management consultant to help with your law enforcement needs. This service is available to any League member. Click here for contact information.

How soon after an on-the-job accident do I need to let you know what happened?

We prefer you report any claim the same day of the incident. Delays in reporting may lead to longer recovery periods and more costly claims. Below are the claims contact numbers. However, if you can't report the claim on the day of the incident, we prefer that the claim be reported within five days, according to our loss control minimum standards. You should notify the appropriate Risk Management Services Claims unit within five days of any incident.

Filing a Claim - call as soon as the accident happens.

Workers' Compensation Claims: 800-768-8600
Authorization for Medical Treatment: 800-768-8600

Can you conduct an OSHA inspection for our town?

We are not experts in all of the OSHA standards and would not presume to overstep that authority. We will, however, conduct hazard surveys of your facilities to identify areas of risk that may require attention, and we will provide assistance and guidance toward improving your overall safety program efforts. Click here for risk management consultant contact information.

Am I obliged to correct hazards that you may identify during your survey?

Our surveys may identify hazards or potential risks of loss. You will be provided with recommendations to address these hazards, based on best loss control practices and professional experience. We do request a response from you within 30 days as to the status of each recommendation and your action plan for completing them.

We need some training. Do you offer this?

Members have access to free online training that covers more than 70 OSHA compliance and general safety topics. Several of these training topics are authorized as continuing education credits for the NC Department of Environmental and Natural Resources. We are also available to provide on-site training for various topics. For more information, call 800-228-0986 and ask for Field Services, or click here to find the risk management consultant for your area. 

I'm having a problem with the new OSHA log. Can you help?

You may want to first go to the Federal OSHA website and review the information about OSHA recordkeeping. Forms, information and other pertinent topics are available to you. For on-site assistance, contact your risk management consultant or call our office at 800-228-0986. 

How do I apply for soft body armor reimbursements?

Members of the Workers' Compensation program (units, not individuals) may apply for reimbursements of up to $250 per vest, or 50 percent of the cost, whichever is less. You must have a policy in place that re​quires soft body armor to be worn. For sample policies and more detailed information, call 800-228-0986 or email Kristy Barefoot.