​Risk Management Services is comprised of three self-funded insurance pools. 

​Health Benefits Trust  

The Health Benefits Trust provides medical, dental, vision, short term disability, long term disability and life insurance to municipal employees and their dependents. MORE INFO 

Property & Liability 

The Interlocal Risk Financing Fund of North Carolina (IRFFNC), or the Property & Liability pool, provides a package of coverage specifically designed for League members. Property coverage is provided for traditional items such as buildings, equipment, vehicles and fine arts. Unique public exposures, such as police dogs, can be covered at the member's option. Liability coverage ranges from general liability and auto to optional coverages such as police professional, public officials and employment practices. MORE INFO 

Workers' Compensation 

The North Carolina Interlocal Risk Management Agency (NCIRMA), or the Workers' Compensation pool, provides statutory workers' compensation and employer liability coverage with deductible options based on the member's needs and is now the insurer of choice for most eligible governmental entities. MORE INFO