For Covered Individuals

Nothing is more important than good health. In addition to calling MedCost Benefit Services at 800-795-1023, you can access your medical benefits information through MedCost Benefit Services at

Online, you can:

  • Choose your doctor and create a personalized list of nearby doctors, hospitals, treatment facilities and more,
  • View the status of claims,
  • Order a new ID card,
  • Learn about your plan's benefits and features, and
  • Verify plan details such as coverage, co-pays and deductibles.

You can access your Pharmacy Benefits through Catamaran (

  • Learn more about your prescription plan,
  • Check your cost for a prescription drug,
  • Find a pharmacy in your area,
  • View previous prescriptions,
  • Order a new ID card, and
  • Access our mail order program to save you time and money on your long-term maintenance drugs.

You can access your Vision Benefits through Vision Service Plan to:​

  • Find out how to use your benefit,
  • Check when you are next eligible for an eye exam or coverage of contacts or glasses,
  • File for out-of-network reimbursement,
  • Print a member reference card,
  • Find a participating optometrist in your area,
  • Learn more about eye disease, and
  • Look up coverage information for Laser Vision.

Can't find what you need? Email customer service with your specific request.​​​