Wellness programs promote healthy lifestyles and support disease prevention behavior. In addition to an interest in improving the health of employees and reducing medical costs, the League and its Risk Management Services recognize healthier employees enjoy a happier and more productive quality of life.

In an effort to lower claims and help participants become healthier, the Health Benefits Trust implemented the following wellness requirements in 2014:

  • Individuals need to receive their annual physical with a primary care physician. Other programs supported by the employer that provide onsite screenings are acceptable as well, but the employer will need to send the information to MedCost for individuals to receive credit. 
  • Participants will need to receive their age appropriate screenings per the American Cancer Society guidelines. This includes mammograms, colonoscopy and PAP.
  • Participation in our Personal Care Management program is required if you are invited by a nurse. Only individuals that have claims indicating they may be at risk for developing serious health issues will be invited into this program.

By implementing these requirements, we hope more members will take advantage of free life-saving screenings. Click here to read more about the wellness requirements.

Grant Programs

The Health Benefits Trust sets aside $100,000 for wellness grants each year. Our health insurance members are eligible to apply for these grants to assist in funding health fairs, wellness programs, educational classes, fitness activities and equipment, nutritional programs, and more! Members can apply per event multiple times a year making the application process more convenient than having to plan an entire year of activites at once.