My Claims Data

My Claims Data is a new claims tool that you may use at any time, day or night, that replaces the need for you to request paper loss runs.

Now, loss runs may be viewed on your computer at your convenience, downloaded to an Excel Spreadsheet for further evaluations of claims data that provides easy access to all claims for workers' compensation and property/liability loss experience.

Claims data is automatically updated daily, generally between midnight and 4 a.m.

This password protected program provides you with a constant, updated and accurate view of your workers' compensation or property and liability claims status. The options available are provided to you by your personal username and password. Only you will see your entities claims. Likewise, you would not be able to see other entities claims information.

You have the ability to look at your claims data, and sort claims by nature of loss, part of body, and other categories.

By simply scrolling over each of the items, you will get an instant picture of total number of claims, lag time information, claims by fiscal year, claims by month, and large loss claims. Clicking on the small spyglass will provide an in-depth look at the specific category of claims. Clicking on the question mark will open an information box relating to the data you are accessing.

Click here to access My Claims Data.

If you are not currently enrolled, please email us to submit your request to enroll.

Workers' Compensation Claims

Please complete Form 19 on the Forms page to properly report your claims.. Please complete all the informational fields in order for us to properly handle your claims. We ask that you complete the necessary form and fax or email it to us for setup and assignment.

Upon assignment of your claim, we will send to you an acknowledgment of claim receipt via email or fax.

Please fax or email your claims form to:
Fax: 919-715-8465

Or, call our claims department as soon as the accident happens at 888-561-1083.

Please feel free to call Mary Correia, Claims Administration Supervisor, at 800-768-8600 with any questions or if we can be of any further assistance to you. Or, email us at‚Äč